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bullet.gif (79 bytes) Basic

bullet.gif (79 bytes) Outlook and place of the signal

bullet.gif (79 bytes) Simulator

bullet.gif (79 bytes) Speed indicators on the line

bullet.gif (79 bytes) Main signals
Speed indicators in junctions      (some examples)
Crossover to opposite track
Shunting signal
Simplified main signals
Border crossing
Main signals working as automatic signals

bullet.gif (79 bytes) Automatic block signals (Permissive signals)
Permissive signals
Double track mainlines with both tracks full bidirectionally signaled
Double track mainlines with both tracks monodirectionally signaled
Special double tracks

bullet.gif (79 bytes) Distant signals

bullet.gif (79 bytes) General
Other signals
Limited approach
Entering an occupied track
Sidings with reduced signalling (signal configuration in Schellebelle)
Reception on dead end siding
Signal configuration in the station Landen
Signal configuration in Kapellen op den Bos
Single mainline outlook,  Bi-directional lines
Train accidents

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