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EMU 186 Fcb.jpg in Schellebelle


Schellebelle has an older signal lay-out. Previously often used, but now-a-days abandon.
Typical is the suspension of the exit signal in the main track. While the exit signal for the siding is mostly a simplified main signal but not mandatory.
The "all clear" for the main track is given directly by the entry-signal.

a) Basic layout


b) A train is signalled through Schellebelle. "All clear" by the entry-signal



C) A train may depart the siding in the direction of Gent


More pictures can be found at http://www.l2527.be/fkr.htm

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Similar lay-out

A similar situation can be found in the station of Neufchateau (still existing), Neufville (still existing)
or the old signal lay-out of Ezemaal (1996)

Ezemaal L36, old track layout. Signal direction from Leuven to Liege.


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