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Here we will report some Belgian train accidents related to signals

03/2001 Pécrot   L139

At 8h40 on the 27 march a trainengineer had ended his passenger-services (Leuven Wavre : train-number 2358) in the station of Wavre.

With his empty locomotive he had to return back to Leuven. He was supposed to wait for a approaching freight service (train A) that was signalled through Wavre on the main track.

Probable the trainengineer of the empty locomotive overlooked his own signal and looked at the signal of the freight service. By leaving the station non proper, he ended up on the opposite track because the springs were still in the entry position.
The freight train travelled to Leuven followed by the empty locomotive. If the empty locomotive should not have been behind the freight train, all levelcrossing should have been open, but now the freight train activated all the levelcrossing. 

Train 6458 arrived in station Sint-Joris Weert at 8:48. The signalmaster of Wavre, who noticed the incident, phoned his college in Leuven to report the run-away train which was heading in the path of a crowded commuter. But the signalmaster of Leuven opened the exit signal due to a language misunderstanding. Wavre is French speaking and Leuven is Flemish speaking.

The commuter left the station and ran towards the empty locomotive.

After a stop at the platform of Pécrot, the distant signal changed green.

The commuter train accelerated to the reference speed of 90kmh and the crowded commuter collided head on with the empty locomotive, leaving eight people dead.

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01/2000 Herentals   L15

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