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Entering an occupied track is given with a shunting signal.

Usually a train enters an occupied track to couple. It can be a freight train wanting to couple with its wagons or a passenger service to couple multiple carriages. The signal red-white blocks the points while the trainengineer may proceed on visual. The trainengineer must now respect the independent placed shunting signals.

An example: The Inter-City service Hasselt-Liége to Brussels is coupled in the station of Landen. (old track lay out of Landen)
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Entering an occupied platform

One platform can contain a maximum of one train. There is only one exception: the NZV.
In the NZV the traffic in the rush hours is enormous. Sometimes one train hasn't left the platform while the next train is already approaching. If the track is occupied the permissive signal will show red. The signals don't have a trespassing crown and may be passed without any form. This has led to several minor accidents.


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