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The station Landen

The station Landen is a commuters' station at lign 36, between Leuven en Liége. Recently it has been changed with an extra diverging siding in the direction of Sint-Truiden. The two main signals on platform 1 are about 100m away from each other, too close to mention it as limited approach. They act special.

The second signal duplicates the first for trains proceding through in the direction of Liége.

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When the first permissive signal is closed, both signal will give yellow.

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Commuters' trains can be stopped at the station and can proceed upto the second signal. The evening trains are usually longer and cover the whole platform.

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The branch line

A speed limitation will be shown at two main signals if a train branches off to Sint-Truiden.
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Trains that proceed in the contra flow will get a 40km/h announcement.


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