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Reception on dead end siding

In the basic rule, the train will be received with a shunting signal. The trainengineer must proceed with restricted speed after the signal and he must be able to stop at any danger. The signal red-white blocks the switches.


Other signalways have been invented to gain speed.

On the dead end siding of the main line, the main signals are provided with a an extra sign. This sign indicates that the track is free, but the trainengineer must stop at the end of the track. The end of the siding must be indicated with a lamp.

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This " rectangle " is only show when the train is received on the dead end siding and is not illuminated when the train has to stop on the main line.

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Reception on a dead end.

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Reception on a dead end is always a normal flow track. Trains that arrive from the opposite track will have to change regime.
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