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Picture 34.1: A type DB 225 has just crossed
the border in Plombieres, and is on his way to Montzen.
The steady state signals are placed on the right hand side.
© Jan Uyttebroeck

Border crossing in Plombieres (lign 24)
The Belgium-German border crossing in Plombieres is an unelectrified track without any passenger service. During weekdays over 100 trains cross the borderline. The lign is part of a very important fright service between the Antwerp Harbour and Germany. The lign is the connection between Montzen (one of the biggest shunting yards) and Aachen West. On the lign, the trains usely run on the right-hand site (German way). On the few kilometers in Belgium, the signals are modified to signal the right-hand track as the normal flow.


Belgium Luxemburg border in Sterpenich

1) Default

2) Train driving from Belgium to Luxemburg

Belgium Holland border in Visť

1) Default

2) Train driving from Belgium to Netherlands

3) Train driving from Netherlands to Belgium


Belgium Holland border in Essen



More info you can find on bueker.net/trainspotting/stations.shtml

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Jeumont, direction Charleroi. Left hand side Belgian and right hand side France signal
© Padel

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