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Picture 31.1: L43


Line reference speed 
Order to speed up, but the
speed is still under the reference 


Speed indications on the line

Classic indication on the line.
The line reference is always indicated at the begin of the line. The (line reference) speed board can be repeated several times after stations or junctions.

A speed different from the reference speed will be indicated with two boards. An announcement board and a speed execution board. In the example below, a bridge is protected with a reference speed of 60km/h.

After the bridge the speed reference is again 140km/h.

The sign after the swith means that the speed execution order is 60km/h and is still lower than the reference.
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This is for the trains of the deflecting track. They proceed over the switch with 50km/h.

If the speed upstream the speed execution is 40 or less, the announcement marker will be on the same mast as the speed limitation board itself. See picture 31.2

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Picture 31.2

Special speed boards.
a When axis-load is more than 22,5 tons or less.

-----------------60 km/h------100----------100 for trains with

A map with an overview of all Belgium lines with the reference speed can be found at http://www.multimania.com/sintzoff/lignes/index.html


Temporary speed restrictions

Classic indication on the line.
A temporary speed restriction is always indicated with two boards. An announcement board and a speed execution board.

To express the danger, there will be a crocodile next to the announcement board. In approach to the crocodile the driver must push a security button. The crocodile will work also for the trains proceeding in the other direction.

The signal "bis" will increase the security.
A signal with "bis" is placed and reminds the train engineer about the temporary speed restriction. Mostly placed after stations.

In a new implemented zone the announcement board is repeated to make sure that the trainengineer has seen the boards
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P. Maes

Speed limitations will be announced in both tracks

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