History of the signal and track layout

Configuration 1

In the beginning the lines were only protected with station entry signals. Only one train was allowed between two station. These lines still exist in Belgium, but with 2 main lines with 2 tracks. For example the entry signals at Luttre. Here four tracks (2 lines with 2 tracks) arrive from Charleroi. If one track is obstructed, a train can't be signaled wrong track but is signaled on the other main line.

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Signals in Luttre. Only track 1 and 3 have an entry signal

Configuration 2

Wrong main entry signals were implemented. This configuration still exist on tracks with low volume.

Configuration 3

Because the increase of traffic, permissive signals were inserted on the left-hand track. Multiple trains can run in one direction. But only one train can run on the right-hand track. In this configuration still a lot of lines occur. But in the time they will be upgraded to configuration 5.

Configuration 4

To increase also the volume of trains signaled in the wrong direction, extra permissive signals were inserted.

Configuration 5

Nowadays they prefer to keep the signal closed in the wrong direction. They open all on the same time when needed to signal a train. 

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